Applying Positive Mindset Strategies in Addiction Recovery

There is nothing beyond you, nothing too big, nothing too grand, nothing impossible, so long as you put your mind to it. The secret is in your mind space. If you think you can achieve something, then you sure will be able to achieve it. If you think otherwise, then that will be the case. Claiming back your power over your mind is one of the most important things that you could do as you recover from your addiction. Knowing positive mindset techniques for overcoming addiction will greatly help. As you gain more and more confidence in your ability to steer your mind to what is true, good, healthy, and beautiful, you should endeavor to apply the following mindset strategies to help you in your recovery:

1. Realistic Setting of Goals

You should choose to be a friend to yourself and stop with all the pressure and overwhelm. Do not rush yourself to achieving grand goals. You can do things one step at a time. Your goals, apart from being beneficial, should be real. It has to be something that you can achieve. You have to intentionally set up yourself for success.

2. Practicing Presence

Aim to always be in the moment. When you’re brushing your teeth, just brush your teeth. When you’re cleaning the dishes, just clean the dishes. When you’re eating, just eat. Life does not need to be complicated at all. Be absolutely present in what you’re doing now by not thinking of your past mistakes or worries for the future. Be in the now. Just be with yourself now.

3. Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude will open up your life to joy and wonder. Everything is just a matter of perspective. Practicing gratitude every single time will effectively rewire your brain and make you realize how lucky and special you are. There are millions of things to be thankful for. You simply need to be intentional in practicing gratitude every single time. Every moment is a gift. If you’re new to gratitude, you can start small by listing at least three things that you’re thankful for every single day. You will be amazed at how it will easily make you realize how blessed and privileged you are.

4. Staying Connected

The last (and one of the worst) thing that you should do is to isolate yourself. You should make it a point to connect with others. Make it a priority to reach out to family, friends, or colleagues consistently. You should have a support system that will offer understanding and care every step of the way. You need to have the humility to accept help and support from others.

5. Self-compassion

You need to know how to practice self-compassion. You can practice it by making it your goal and intention to be kind to yourself. You should make it a point to direct kindness and goodness toward yourself. This should be practiced every single day.


And it should ever be louder and stronger when you are having a particularly challenging day.

6. Full Acceptance of Change

You should open up yourself to changes. Life is but a long road filled with lessons and surprises. Nothing is exempted from changing. A full acceptance of this concept will allow you to fully be one with life and all its offerings. Treat all challenges and issues as an opportunity to learn and grow. No one is meant to remain the same and stay in one place all his or her life. Life is all about movement. Be open to it and release all your desire for control.

7. Proper Progress Celebration

Know how to celebrate your progress and do so on a daily basis. The thing with addiction is it puts you in a place where you reach a point where you lose all your confidence and belief in your capacity as a person. This happens slowly and ends up ruining one’s own sense of self. This is why it is so important that you make it a point to celebrate each and every milestone. Highlight and collect each and every achievement that you have. This is important as it will rewire your brain and send a clear message to your whole system that you can do things and achieve anything that you put your mind to. Be your no. 1 cheerleader.

8. Positive Affirmations

This practice will boost the rewiring of your brain into a system that fully knows your capacity to do good things.


Positive affirmations are potent as they will help you get rid of negative self-talk. Use positive affirmations in building a good self-image.

9. Purpose-driven Life

You do not need to pressure yourself to find your purpose and mission in life. However, you will need to find and do activities that will give meaning to your life. Do things that make you excited and feel ever inspired. Follow your bliss and be open to messages that life sends you. You are the very person who gets to decide the meaning of your existence.

10. Nurture Hope

You are here because you want to heal and start anew. That in itself should console you as that means that hope lies within you. You will have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you will choose to hope for the best. See every day as a brand-new opportunity to learn, grow, and heal. You are alive for a reason. Go and run happily after it!

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